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SQL Server – Management Studio – Changing the default values for Select/Edit commands

05.08.2011 No comments

Management Studio provides a shortcut for selecting or editing top rows of a table. You can use this by right-clicking table in Object Explorer, and choosing appropriate option:


Select Top 100 Rows: This opens a new query for returning top 1000 rows from the table and executes the same.

Edit Top 200 Rows: Choosing this opens top 200 rows from the table in EDIT mode.

You can change these default values (1000/200)  to required values.


Changing Default Values for Select/Edit commands:

These default values can be changed from Management Studio Options:

1. Go to "Tools" Menu > Options,

2. Expand "SQL Server Object Explorer" node > Select "Commands"

3. Change the values as required:


4. Click "OK" to apply changes.


You should now be able to see modified values for these command in Object Explorer.


Hope This Helps!