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SQL Server – Difference between @@CONNECTIONS and @@MAX_CONNECTIONS

13.01.2014 No comments

@@MAX_CONNECTIONS in SQL Server returns maximum number of simultaneous user connections allowed. Maximum user connections allowed by SQL Server by default is 32,767; this number also depends on application and server hardware limits. This cam also be configured at server-level to avoid too many connections.

@@CONNECTIONS returns number of connection attempts (successful/failed) made to SQL Server since SQL Server is started. Since this include all attempts it can be greater than @@MAX_CONNECTIONS.

SELECT [ConnectionAttempts] @@CONNECTIONS,

       [MaximumAllowed] @@MAX_CONNECTIONS

Result Set:

ConnectionAttempts MaximumAllowed

394024473          32767


(1 row(s) affected)

As you can see from the example above number of connection attempts can be higher.

Hope This Helps!