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SQL Server – Import text file using xp_cmdshell

There are several options available to import data from external sources to SQL Server. Such as Import & Export Wizard, BULK INSERT command, SSIS and OPENROWSET.

Apart from this options you can also use xp_cmdshell to import text file to SQL Server. We need to utilize dos command TYPE for this purpose. Below script can be used to import a text file to database.

-- Script to import text file using xp_cmdshell

-- Create Temporary table to store data


DECLARE	@sqlCommand VARCHAR(1000)

-- read from text file
SET @sqlCommand = 'TYPE C:\Vishal.txt'

EXEC @rCode = master.dbo.xp_cmdshell @sqlCommand

-- display results
FROM	#TempOutput

-- drop temporary table
DROP TABLE #TempOutput

-- Script End

Above script requires xp_cmdshell to be enabled on server.

Hope This Helps!


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