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SQL Server – Denali – Management Studio – Restore Database

In Management Studio 2008 R2, restore database dialog is as below:


Management Studio 2008 R2

You need to select the backups which you need to restore from the backup set list. This dialog box is tweaked in "Denali":


Management Studio "Denali"

First, thing to notice here is, it takes a tail-log backup of the source database. In earlier version, we needed to *remember* to do the same before restoring the database.

The Backup Sets list does not list all backup sets available in the media, it only lists backups of the selected database:


Also, it is showing only the latest backups since last FULL database backup, just like selecting database as source in earlier versions. Older backup can be restored via "Timeline…", which is self-explanatory:


And to make it complete, it also has a "Verify Backup Media" button. ?

Hope This Helps!


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