1. Michael
    02.09.2011 07:23 | #1

    Can I NOT add the successful logon to the Windows log and still store them in SQL? The application log fills up on my server so fast I can only troubleshoot (by filtering out info logs entries in App log) 3 days worth of fails and errors. The reason it has so many successful logons is it has many membvers sending entries in from several geo areas each sending in short spurts of new db entries. Each server sends a successful logon, enters a few rows into a table and goes away. Repeating every so often (variable) and with several SQL servers sending entries to one SQL that stores specific DB entries from each server.

  2. Vishal
    05.09.2011 08:33 | #2

    To store these in SQL, you can create LOGON triggers or use SQL Auditing feature.

  3. Reddy
    10.03.2012 02:36 | #3

    Becareful using Logon triggers which may cause logon failures to all users if configured incorrectly. When you can not connect by any other method use Dedicated Admin Access to the Server Instance.

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